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yes but consider ur fav ship

  • making rly bad jokes rly at night and full on snort laughing w/ each other
  • 1 of them cooking dinner but its shit and the other totally taking the piss
  • finding the song that’s /their song/ but its a rly bad song…

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Robin Thicke is unapologetic about how rapey ‘Blurred Lines’ is, meanwhile the dude who parodied it issues a public apology for one word.

And that is just one reason why I love Weird Al.

It’s great that he’s addressed this but are we really supposed to believe that NO ONE during the extremely lengthy processes of writing a song, recording it, mastering it and animating the music video wouldn’t have brought it up?

Excuse me but how the hell is spastic even remotely insulting?

So I just recently learned that in the UK calling someone spastic means the same thing as calling someone retarded, only much worse.
If it makes people in the UK feel any better, people in the US literally do not know this (like literally no one I have ever met and/or know). Here being spastic is usually meant to mean something along the lines of acting like a hyper-active child (like running around in circles yelling just because they feel like it please be quiet for just 2 minutes type of child). NOBODY here uses it as a slur.
Since Weird Al is a US musician and the US music industry is pretty non-international, yeah actually I think its entirely possible that none of the people who worked on this song actually knew that spastic was considered an awful slur in some parts of the world.
And I’m like 99.9999% sure that Weird Al is genuinely very sorry that he was accidentally offensive.
Stay That Way - A Hijack/Suicide Awareness Fanfic by JMarieAllenPoe


"I woke up, but I—but I wish I hadn’t. This is all in my h—This is all in my head, right?"

Freshman Year: It sure is dark outside, Hilderic Henry Haddock notes as he takes turns between staring at his smartphone and out the second story window of his room. Fresh…


my proudest moment was when i was like 4 and I was being babysat by our family friend’s son who was visiting and he saw me drawing randall from monsters inc and he was like oh can i have this i’ll hang it in my office! and i was like okay and then when my dad picked me up he told me that the guy (his name was larry) was an animator on the movie and 4 year old me cried 

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